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Establish a Scholarship

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Named Endowed Scholarship

"Endow" means that the Future Foundation will invest the gift so that investment returns will provide funding to accomplish the stated purpose. Additional gifts may be added at any time. Endowed scholarships are established with a minimum donation of $25,000 or a series of donations over a specified period of time. Distributions are calculated by applying a spending rate (set annually by the Foundation) to an average balance of the fund. Endowments can fund scholarships for years and benefit multiple students, as the principal amount isn't used by the foundation for the scholarship; the interest earned through your principal donation is used as the award money.

Named Annual Scholarship

Annual Scholarships are those where the gift or a portion of this and any future gifts will be expended for the purpose stated until such time as the account has a $0 fund balance. Additional gifts can be added to the account at any time to extend the life of the scholarship, gift or award or to increase the number of available scholarships. Available award amounts are based on the entire balance of the fund at the time of awards.

Contribution to an Existing Scholarship

The WSCC Future Foundation has numerous existing scholarship funds. If you are interested in contributing to a scholarship fund that already exists, you may make a secure donation online. Gifts of all sizes are always welcome.

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For more information about establishing scholarships, please contact Carrie Woods at 256-352-7842 or