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Students Awarded Scholarships for
2022-2023 Academic Year

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In Scholarship Funds Awarded for
2022-2023 Academic year

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Scholarships Available to Wallace State Students

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Malik Flanigan

City of Cullman ID Board Scholarship

"Because of your generosity, the financial burden placed on me to receive my education will be reduced. Thank you for your investment in Wallace State and the future of students like me."

Karina Faulkner

Gary and June Easterwood Endowed Scholarship

"I am honored to have received this scholarship and am grateful for the opportunities it will provide for me. Without a doubt, this scholarship will play a key role in achieving my educational dreams. You are giving me the opportunity to continue pursuing my dream come true career."

Tristian Du Plessis

Cullman-Jefferson Gas Scholarship

" I was ecstatic to hear that I had been chosen to receive your scholarship. You have relieved my financial burden by providing me with this scholarship, allowing me to concentrate more on the most important aspect of education, learning."

Isabella Brannon

Ottis and Evelyn Burrow Endowed Scholarship

"I want to thank you for this generous scholarship. I feel so blessed to be the selected student of this scholarship. Having been selected, I have the opportunity to continue my educate without having a financial burden over me and my family."