Our Story

Over 50 years, Wallace State has grown into a vital, dynamic educational force for Alabama. Now, Help us realize our vision for the next 50 years, empowering us to encourage, innovate, collaborate and create opportunities for countless students to come. Become Part of the Story! Your gift will be invested in perpetuity through endowed funds, with he income earned providing sustained funding for the initiatives below.You can make a difference with your gift to the WSCC Future Foundation!

Our Story Is About:


Building need-based and merrit-based scholarships.


Keeping equipment current and faculty and staff trained on cutting edge technology.


Working to provide opportunity's for start up companies.


Responding to opportunities in a dynamic environment.

 $5 Million
With credit enrollment of over 5,500 students, Wallace State institutional and Future Foundation scholarship funds only reach less than 10% of the students enrolled. As state and federal aid continue to diminish and the costs of College operations spiral up, tuition continues to escalate. The WSCC Future Foundation will establish a $5,000,000 scholarship fund for need-based and merit-based scholarships, to include high school students enrolled in dual enrollment and Fast Track Academy programs. This initiative is critical to ensuring access to a college for those students who do not have the funds available, recognition of superior academic achievement and encouragement for program completion, which will result in more graduates who are better prepared and possess job-ready skills. The Foundation will establish or increase our endowed scholarship funds. The principal held in these endowed funds is held in perpetuity. A portion of the annual earnings of these funds will make the critical difference in students’ education at Wallace State. With these expanded endowment funds, an additional 200 to 250 of our most deserving area students will receive a Wallace State education every year.
 $2 Million 
The need for state-of-the-art instructional equipment continues to evolve at a rapid rate. Wallace State is committed to investing in instructional equipment to provide quality, high-tech educational career programs in order to remain current with the changes in business and industry, expanding course delivery options,and professional growth opportunities for faculty and staff. Students who receive training using the most technologically current technology acquire the skills that make them a valuable employee the day they enter the workforce. Meeting the expectations of industry is very important as businesses in the surrounding region depend on the college to train their future employees. Students and industry benefit from classrooms and labs that are equipped with the up-to-date technology used in industry, allowing students to be successful in their transition from the classroom to the workforce. Maintaining that level of excellence becomes a serious challenge due to the escalating cost of technology and limited state support. The Instructional Technology Endowment will support the ongoing mandate to keep classrooms equipped with the most current technology. 

 $2 Million
The Center for Entrepreneurship will provide state-of-the-art space for the development of collaborative partnerships with emerging business and industry to serve as an incubator for new and emerging businesses. The Center for Entrepreneurship will support small business counseling services, workshops, administrative services assistance, incubator facilities with office space and entrepreneurship training.
 $1 Million
This fund will establish a program that will allow Wallace State flexibility to utilize funds in response to the best interest of our constituents as new opportunities arise in today’s dynamic environment. These funds will be allocated to provide training and support for new and existing businesses and new educational programs to meet the ever changing workforce demand in the region and state.