Wallace State Alumni Association

The Association will advance, support and promote the interests of the College, its students, Alumni and association members.  The Objectives of the Association shall be:

A. To foster community support for the College.

B. To maintain communication and contacts between the College, its Board of Directors and its Alumni.

C. To participate in the decision-making processes pertaining to Alumni of the College.

D. To represent interests of Alumni within the College.

E.  To solicit, publish or furnish information as required to further the mission.

F.  To assist students and Alumni in the achievement of their academic goals.

G.  To acknowledge the achievements of students and Alumni.


Program Purpose and Goals
The Student Alumni Association (SAA) exists to provide an understanding of the College and the greater campus community as a whole by:

a. promoting the spirit, pride and traditions of Wallace State with events and activities for the general membership body of the SAA;
b. providing opportunities for students to develop leadership skills as members of the SAA Leadership Council;
c. promoting greater interaction between students and alumni with networking, community service and career service events;
d. building awareness, understanding and support for the WSCC Alumni Association.
e. provide education relating to the importance of philanthropy at WSCC.
f. develop a strong group of engaged alumni.



For both - Membership runs annually from September to August.  For more information contact LaDonna Allen at 256-352-8071 or ladonna.allen@wallacestate.edu.